Cherry Cherry is a premium American hardwood prized for its natural luster, attractive grain and rich warm glow.  This wood has a consistently high quality of grain and color. Initially a soft golden-red in color, it ages due to light exposure to a rich reddish brown. Comparatively light in weight, it is still a very strong wood, with outstanding structural properties. It is, however, on the softer end of the hardness spectrum and so is more susceptible to dents and scratches than some of our other hardwoods.
Maple Brown Maple has a tight, light, even grain and a very smooth surface. It is light tan to almost white in color. It finishes very well and is outstanding for paint.  It has outstanding structural strength. Very resistant to scratches and dents.
Oak Red Oak is a popular hardwood with a prominent, open, sweeping grain. Light reddish tan in color. It is very hard, stiff and strong. Finishes well with most stains and clear finishes; the relatively large pores result in an attractively textured surface.
Quarter-Sawn White Oak Quarter Sawn White Oak is a premium hardwood with a straight grain flecked with rays and flakes. It is very hard with a closed cell structure making it extremely resistant to changes in humidity and temperature. Very resistant to wear and damage. Finishes very consistently and smoothly.
Walnut Walnut is the only dark wood native to North America. Walnut is one of the finest hardwoods, developing a rich patina that grows more lustrous with age. Its color ranges from light gray-brown to dark purplish-brown. The wood is heavy, hard, stiff and has high shock resistance. It finishes beautifully and holds paint and stain exceptionally well. One of the most durable woods, even under conditions favorable to decay.
Elm Elm is a unique hardwood with a prominent grain pattern similar to but distinct from Oak or Ash. Between the growth rings it displays a lovely "feathery" pattern not found in other hardwoods. The grain also has an interlocking tendency that makes it very resistant to splitting. It stains beautifully and displays some of the most prominent grain patterns available in any hardwood. An excellent, durable choice for those who love the variable look of wood.